Ten Steps to staging a house

I have owned four different homes. I have sold three of them, for various reasons. The first home was due to a relocation for a job promotion. This home was on the market for less than 45 days and sold. The second home was because I thought bigger was better. I staged this home and it sold in less than 3 weeks. The last home is because I realized I did not need bigger. After getting this house on the market, it sold in less than 2 days at above-asking price. Through this process of selling homes, I have become very good at staging a house for a potential buyer. You can see that each time I have put a home on the market it sold quicker and quicker. One reason is that the real estate market has become much better for the seller over the years. The second reason is that I have become very good at knowing how to stage a home. 

I have 10 steps that will help guide any homeowner in the right direction to sell their home.

1. Depersonalize your home

Remove all pictures of family and friends. A buyer needs to be able to visualize their belongings and family photos in the home. You may also get a buyer that knows you, this could be the deciding factor in if they make an offer or no offer.

2. De-clutter your home

Simplify every room in your home. The home needs to look livable but not lived in. Does this make sense? You need to make beds, have rolled towels by bathtubs, all clothing put away. Make sure to organize the kitchen and pantry. The kids rooms need to be organized and may need to reduce the amount of toys. All counters need to only have necessities on them.

3. Curb appeal is IMPORTANT

The outside of your home needs to have a manicured lawn, trimmed hedges, and blooming flowers. If the outside of your house needs a fresh coat of paint, this is something you need to strongly consider doing. First impressions matter!

4. White towels

Buy new white towels and hang them in every bathroom. White towels make the home look cleaner and fresher. This will make the buyer feel like the home is being taken care of.

5. Clean, clean, clean
The entire house must be clean. Bathrooms, floors, appliances, dishes, closets, and laundry rooms. You need to clean every detail your home like you are expecting the president for dinner. These people are looking to spend a large amount of money on your home. You need to make sure it is clean and presentable.

6. Get your Windows cleaned
Clean and clear windows allow for more light to filter in the home. Clean windows are not something that the buyer will notice, but they are something they would notice if they are dirty. Dirt, water spots, dog noses, fingerprints, or kid smudges all need cleaned away.

7. Make the home feel cozy
There is a balance between clean and lived in. You may need to rearrange furniture, make the home feel more functional and cozy for the buyer. Re-locate some artwork to allow a better flow in the home. Have a nice table setting laid out.

8. Pets
If you own pets like I do, you will need to make the home look/smell as though they do not exist. You may also want to consider putting your pets into a daycare. You will definitely want to take them somewhere during any home showings.

9. No burnt out lights or closed curtains
The home needs to feel bright and welcoming. This starts with all lights working and on. Then you need to make sure all curtains/blinds are open to allow the light to shine in. These simple steps will make the home feel welcoming and larger at first glance.

10. Make the home smell like fresh baked cookies or pie
I would recommend getting a good air freshener to ensure your home always smells great. I like to stick to the baked cookies or pie air fresheners. These are the most popular and appealing to everyone.

These 10 steps will get you on the right track to sell your home.

My three home sales have proven that these techniques work. Now I want to emphasize that these 10 steps are from my experience. House location is a huge factor in sell-ability. A home in middle of nowhere North Dakota or in big city California, this will play a big role in how your home sells. Thus, these steps are not an exact guide to sell your home in 2 days above asking price. These are the step that I followed and they have worked for me. You can hire a professional home-stager and they will most likely give you the exact same advice. Yet, you will be out that extra money. Good luck in selling and I hope these steps lead you in the right direction!

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