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Today’s society and being a working mom

Being a working mom has been a struggle, from the first day dropped my daughter off at daycare and had to go back to work. Especially after 8 weeks with her non-stop. Growing up I always wondered? Why my best friend wanted to spend so much money earning a college degree. When she knew she wanted to become a stay-at-home-mom. I have never held anything against stay-at-home-moms, but this was always an odd concept to me. I have never wanted to become a stay-at-home-mom until I had my first child. Now, I have two beautiful children and I am still a full-time working parent, with no regrets. Our society is not accommodating to two full-time working parents. Especially when it comes to teachers and the school system. The career I have chosen is also not accommodating to allowing family time.

A few examples what I am describing are below:

  • Recently the kids went back to school. School starts and there’s the school supply drop off. The teachers go ahead with introductions of their classroom. They did a basic walk-thru of the day-to-day life my children will be experiencing for the next 9 months with them. Then towards the end, the teachers gave out forms for volunteers in the classroom. The moms in the room got excited and were picking the days and times they would love to volunteer in the classroom. Of course, I can’t volunteer, I work full-time. I took the paperwork and pretended that I was filling it out. I could not believe not one mother in the room didn’t have a full-time job! My mind was blown and of course, this resulted in me hiding my success and feeling like a horrible mother.

  • Every week my children bring home notices from their teachers. Asking for volunteers for an event or party. Then my kids ask me if I can come and help with their classroom. It is awful enough I hide my success and feel ashamed of being a working mom every time walking into the school for a function. I do not know any of these parents, who are all socializing and saying hi to my child. Now I have to feel ashamed when I tell my kids that I have to work to pay for the things they enjoy. Such as food, a bed, hot water, and cartoons. They, of course, give me an odd look and think I’m crazy! When you are 5 and 7 you do not understand the struggles of being an for the things they enjoy. Such as, food, a bed, hot water, and cartoons. They of course give me an odd look and think I’m crazy! When you are 5 and 7 you do not understand the struggles of being an adult.

  • A recent example is when the kids get sick. The dreaded phone call from the school, saying I have to come get my child due to illness. When this happens either my husband or I have to take time off work. Oh, and let me tell you the dirty looks I get! I have a sick kid and need to care for them and my co-workers have to actually work. I am sorry my child is sick, but get over it.

If you are working mom, you completely understand what I am talking about. If you are a stay-at-home-mom, some of you understand while others may not. My sister is a stay-at-home-mom and loves it. I love her for it. She also has many run-ins with today’s society. Where people judge her for staying home and taking care of 4 beautiful babies. It is amazing to me that in today’s society we moms are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. We need to strive to support each other and not tear each other apart. It is 2018 people, women should feel empowered to make their own decisions and not get torn down for them.

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